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Ortega Traditional Series R180 2020s - Natural

Ortega Traditional Series R180 2020s - Natural

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Introducing the Ortega Traditional Series R180, a testament to craftsmanship and musical heritage that brings timeless acoustic elegance to the modern era. Born in the 2020s and continuing to captivate audiences, this guitar is a masterpiece that embraces tradition while offering contemporary playability and sonic excellence. Designed in Germany and manufactured in Spain this guitar also comes with a brand new TKL gig bag sized for classical guitars. 

Superior Sound and Versatility: Crafted with precision, the R180 resonates with a full, well-balanced tone that suits a wide range of musical styles. From delicate fingerpicking to vigorous strumming, this guitar boasts remarkable versatility. The solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides work in harmony to produce a rich and articulate sound, projecting every note with clarity and resonance.

Time-Honored Construction, Modern Performance: The R180's traditional dreadnought body shape ensures a comfortable playing experience while providing ample projection. Its smooth mahogany neck offers a welcoming feel, inviting your fingers to navigate the fretboard effortlessly. The tastefully appointed rosette and binding reflect the guitar's commitment to both heritage and contemporary aesthetics. Cedar top, with a beautiful back and sides made from Bubinga.

Resonance and Sustain: Featuring an advanced bracing pattern and rosewood fretboard, the R180's construction enhances its tonal capabilities, delivering a balanced sound with impressive sustain. Whether you're performing on stage or in a cozy studio setting, this guitar's voice carries with it a depth and resonance that captivates audiences and fellow musicians alike.

This guitar was refurbished by MIRC (which is why the serial number is reassigned). It is stamped "used" to prevent warranty claims. This guitar is overall in excellent condition -- it d features smooth frets, low action, and a conditioned fretboard. 

The Ortega Traditional Series R180 2020s - Natural embodies the essence of acoustic excellence, offering a sonic canvas for your musical expression. With every strum and chord, you'll experience the harmonious convergence of tradition and innovation, inviting you to create, perform, and share your music with the world.

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