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Epiphone Joe Bonamassa Signature "Lazarus" '59 Les Paul Standard 2021 - Present - Aged Gloss

Epiphone Joe Bonamassa Signature "Lazarus" '59 Les Paul Standard 2021 - Present - Aged Gloss

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Introducing the Epiphone Joe Bonamassa Signature "Lazarus" '59 Les Paul Standard – a timeless masterpiece that pays homage to the legendary blues virtuoso Joe Bonamassa's distinctive style and tone.

The "Lazarus" '59 Les Paul Standard captures the essence of the iconic 1959 Les Paul while incorporating modern innovations to suit the demands of contemporary players. The Aged Gloss finish gives the guitar an authentically worn-in appearance, as if it has seen countless stages and studio sessions, right out of the box.

At the heart of this signature Les Paul lies a pair of Gibson BurstBucker 2 & 3 pickups, meticulously designed to replicate the classic PAF tone that defined generations of blues and rock music. These pickups deliver rich, creamy overtones and impeccable clarity, ensuring that every note you play is infused with warmth and character.

Crafted with a solid mahogany body and a AAA flame maple top, the "Lazarus" '59 Les Paul Standard boasts a rich and resonant tonal foundation that's capable of everything from soulful, sweet melodies to roaring, gritty riffs. The slim-taper '60s C-shaped neck profile provides exceptional comfort and effortless playability, allowing you to explore the fretboard with ease.

Whether you're bending strings for soul-stirring solos or digging into crunchy power chords, the Epiphone Joe Bonamassa Signature "Lazarus" '59 Les Paul Standard offers a dynamic range that responds to your every nuance. The attention to detail in every aspect of this guitar's construction ensures that it not only looks the part of a vintage masterpiece but also feels and sounds like one.

This guitar is an excellent condition and has only a very minor blemish on the bottom left of the back of the guitar as well as a slightly loose rivet on one of the latches. The input jack depending on your cable also sometimes needs a slight push to get it in, but is tested and working as expected. The only thing that knocks this guitar down from excellent --> very good is the fact that it doesn't have the Joe Bonamassa COA or signature case. I've removed the pickups and inspected the hardware, and given the manufacture year (2021) as well as the pickups and electronics, it matches only fits as a Joe Bonamassa. There are limited edition 2023 guitars that match these specs but this guitars year puts as the JB model.  This guitar intonates really well and is currently setup with 10's. It also features a conditioned fretboard and smooth frets. 

Whether you're a dedicated blues enthusiast, or a guitarist in search of a timeless instrument that bridges the gap between past and present, the Epiphone "Lazarus" '59 Les Paul Standard is your ticket to crafting unforgettable music. Join the ranks of iconic players and let your creativity flourish with this exceptional signature model.

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