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Squier 40th Anniversary Vintage Edition Jazzmaster 2022 - Satin Desert Sand

Squier 40th Anniversary Vintage Edition Jazzmaster 2022 - Satin Desert Sand

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The Squier 40th Anniversary Jazzmaster (vintage edition) with Gold Anodized Pickguard has the feel and sound of an original Fender Jazzmaster.

It has a poplar body with a maple neck, maple fingerboard (C shape neck) and vintage tuners and tremolo with block saddle strung through a bone nut.

This guitar features the stock pickups (Fender designed Alnico Single-Coil) that come with this model and sports the classic Jazzmaster controls (Lead and rhythm circutis) and 3-way switch when in lead mode (toggle down). 

This is a great guitar for anyone looking for a reasonably priced and great sounding jazzmaster! I would also call this the closest comparable to the now discontinued Squier J. Mascis jazzmaster (though the pickups are different). The neck profile on this and the J. Mascis model are similar in my opinion. 

This guitar was refurbished by MIRC (which is why the serial number is reassigned). Additionally I was able to lower the action and do a setup. It is currently setup with 9's. 

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