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Rosser Pine Jazzmaster Body Satin Red

Rosser Pine Jazzmaster Body Satin Red

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Pine Jazzmaster body was made in the US by Rosser in Satin Red. The neck plate spot is american style -- neck heel has been curved to allow for better access to higher frets/

* has american / mastery bridge thimbles installed

* has copper shielding

Weight is around 3 lbs 6 oz. 

Doesn't include anything else

The body on this guitar has a number of scratches and nicks which is why it is listed in good condition. It also has spots where the paint pulled off when I removed components. My assessment is that if this was a finished guitar I would call it fair, but in its current state I estimate that it could be sanded and refinished. This is not a skill i have which is why I'm selling it. 

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