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MXR M80 Bass DI + 2004 - Present - Black

MXR M80 Bass DI + 2004 - Present - Black

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The MXR M80 Bass DI+ is a powerful and versatile direct box designed specifically for bass guitar players.

It features a preamp with a 3-band EQ  allowing you to shape your tone to perfection. The DI+ also includes a balanced XLR output (and phantom power) for connecting to a mixing console, as well as a 1/4" output for connecting to an amplifier or pedalboard. In addition, it has a Distortion channel, which has gain, volume, and blend control. It also features a parallel output which you could use as an effects out and add your favorite pedals to your signal chain.

The unit is built with high-quality components and a durable, road-worthy construction, making it a perfect addition to any bass player's rig.

This particular model is listed in good condition due to the fact that its missing the cover to the battery compartment in the back (pictured). It also has some minor marks on the back from where it previously had some sort of sticky item attached (though I've cleaned the back with a goo remover, some residual remains)

9V AC power or 9V battery required (neither included). 

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