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Gretsch G5260 Electromatic Jet Baritone with V-Stoptail 2022 - Present - Imperial Stain

Gretsch G5260 Electromatic Jet Baritone with V-Stoptail 2022 - Present - Imperial Stain

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Introducing the Gretsch G5260 Electromatic Jet Baritone with V-Stoptail in the captivating Imperial Stain finish. This exceptional instrument brings a new level of sonic exploration to your musical repertoire, combining the distinctive Gretsch design with the power and versatility of a baritone guitar. This guitar also comes with a brand new TKL gig bag. 

The G5260 Electromatic Jet Baritone showcases Gretsch's commitment to craftsmanship and innovation. Its sleek and stylish design features a single-cutaway chambered mahogany body, which delivers a rich and resonant tone with remarkable sustain. The Imperial Stain finish adds a touch of sophistication, allowing the natural wood grain to shine through while enhancing the guitar's overall aesthetic appeal.

Equipped with a baritone scale length and a deep, resonant voice, this guitar opens up a world of possibilities for creative expression. With its extended range and low tunings, the G5260 Electromatic Jet Baritone provides a unique sonic foundation for genres such as surf, rock, alternative, and more. Whether you're looking to add depth to your compositions or explore new sonic territories, this baritone guitar is your perfect companion.

Featuring a pair of powerful Gretsch humbucking pickups, the G5260 Electromatic Jet Baritone delivers a wide range of tones that are full-bodied and rich in character. These pickups capture every nuance of your playing, whether you're dialing in clean and articulate sounds or unleashing high-gain distortion. The individual volume controls and master tone control allow for precise tonal shaping, enabling you to sculpt your sound to perfection.

The V-Stoptail bridge provides rock-solid tuning stability and exceptional sustain, ensuring that your notes ring out with clarity and authority. Combined with the anchored Adjusto-Matic bridge, this setup offers precise intonation adjustments and enhances overall resonance, resulting in a highly responsive and dynamic playing experience.

This guitar was refurbished by MIRC (which is why the serial number is reassigned).  It is stamped used on the back of the headstock (pictured) to prevent warranty claims. 

This particular guitar has no significant flaws of note and features a conditioned fretboard as well as smooth frets and fret ends. 

The Gretsch G5260 Electromatic Jet Baritone with V-Stoptail in Imperial Stain is the perfect instrument for guitarists seeking a new sonic horizon. With its stunning looks, powerful pickups, and extended range, this guitar will inspire your creativity and bring a distinctive voice to your music. Unleash your inner sonic explorer with the Gretsch G5260 Electromatic Jet Baritone.

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