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Fender Classic Series '69 Telecaster Thinline 2001 - 2014 - Black

Fender Classic Series '69 Telecaster Thinline 2001 - 2014 - Black

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Introducing the Fender Classic Series '69 Telecaster Thinline in sleek Black finish. This guitar is a true tribute to the iconic Telecaster design of the late '60s, combining vintage aesthetics with modern playability and versatility. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Classic Series '69 Telecaster Thinline captures the essence of a beloved era while offering contemporary features that cater to the needs of today's discerning musicians. This model dates to 2014 via Fender serial lookup and also comes with a deluxe padded TKL gig bag.

The '69 Telecaster Thinline features a lightweight semi-hollow ash body, meticulously crafted to replicate the look and feel of the original models. The Black finish adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, complementing the timeless Telecaster silhouette. The resonance of the semi-hollow body provides a unique tonal character with a rich, airy quality and enhanced acoustic resonance. Overall weight comes in at around 6 lbs 2oz.  


This guitar comes equipped with a Vintage-Style Single-Coil Tele in the neck and a Wilkinson Vintage-Style Single-Coil Tele pickup in the bridge. Both achieve the classic telecaster tones. 

The maple neck with a comfortable "U"-shaped profile offers a smooth playing experience, while the maple fretboard enhances note articulation and clarity. The vintage-style frets and black dot inlays maintain the authenticity and playability of the era. The Thinline body design, combined with the sleek neck profile, allows for easy access to the upper frets, enabling effortless soloing and chord work.

The hardware on the '69 Telecaster Thinline is designed to ensure optimal performance and reliability. The vintage-style bridge with three saddles provides accurate intonation and classic Telecaster sustain. The six-screw mounting ensures stability and resonance, while the vintage-style f stamped tuners offer precise tuning control, allowing you to stay in tune even during demanding performances.

This guitar does have one blemish of note on the back right of the guitar. The original dent has been drop filled and sanded and buffed to a smooth finish to prevent further decay (pictured).  Frets are in excellent condition This guitar is currently setup with 9's, intonates and plays well and features smooth frets & fret ends. 

In summary, the Fender Classic Series '69 Telecaster Thinline in Black is a guitar that pays homage to a pivotal era in music history while offering modern playability and versatility. With its authentic vintage aesthetics, distinctive semi-hollow tone, and superb craftsmanship, this instrument is a must-have for guitarists who appreciate the timeless appeal of the Telecaster with some sound versatility. Experience the magic of the '69 Telecaster Thinline and unleash your creativity with every note you play.

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