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Epiphone Casino Coupe with Pau Ferro Fretboard - 2018 - Vintage Sunburst

Epiphone Casino Coupe with Pau Ferro Fretboard - 2018 - Vintage Sunburst

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Experience the timeless allure and unmistakable sound of the Epiphone Casino Coupe with Pau Ferro Fretboard in Vintage Sunburst. This iconic guitar pays homage to the golden era of rock 'n' roll while offering modern features and exceptional playability. This model also comes with a brand new TKL gig bag. 

The Casino Coupe's Vintage Sunburst finish showcases its classic aesthetic, capturing the spirit of the 1960s and the legendary guitars that defined an era. With its compact, coupe-sized body, this instrument retains the distinctive Casino design, making it perfect for those seeking vintage charm with added comfort and versatility.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Casino Coupe features a lightweight and resonant maple body that delivers rich, vibrant tones. The laminated maple top, back, and sides ensure exceptional durability while enhancing the guitar's natural sustain and warmth. The iconic f-holes contribute to its distinctive acoustic resonance, allowing the Casino Coupe to sing with clarity and distinction.

The Pau Ferro fretboard adds a touch of elegance and smoothness to the instrument's playability. Known for its rich, dark grain patterns and smooth feel, Pau Ferro provides a comfortable surface for effortless fretting and bending. With its 22 medium jumbo frets and classic "Parallelogram" inlays, navigating the fretboard becomes an intuitive and pleasurable experience.

Equipped with two P-90 pickups, the Casino Coupe delivers a wide range of tonal possibilities. These iconic single-coil pickups produce that unmistakable vintage sound, offering sparkling cleans, gritty overdrives, and everything in between. The P-90s capture the dynamic nuances of your playing with remarkable clarity, making this guitar perfect for blues, rock, and any genre that requires expressive versatility.

The Casino Coupe is built for precision and reliability, with a fully adjustable LockTone Tune-O-Matic bridge and a classic trapeze tailpiece that ensures solid intonation and exceptional tuning stability. The vintage-style Epiphone  tuners maintain accurate tuning while adding a touch of retro charm to the instrument's overall aesthetic.

There is a blemish the top of the guitar headstock (pictured), this has been dropped filled, sanded and buffed to smooth finish to prevent further decay. This moves the guitars condition from excellent --> very good in my assessment. It's currently outfitted with 9's and provides great tone and intonation combined with low action. It also features a conditioned fretboard as well as smooth frets & fret ends. 

Whether you're on stage, in the studio, or strumming at home, the Epiphone Casino Coupe with Pau Ferro Fretboard in Vintage Sunburst is designed to inspire. Its vintage-inspired tones, comfortable playability, and timeless design make it a favorite among guitarists looking for that distinct mid-century sound. Experience the magic of the Casino Coupe and let your creativity soar to new heights.


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