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DigiTech VLHM Vocalist Live Harmony 2010s - Red

DigiTech VLHM Vocalist Live Harmony 2010s - Red

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The DigiTech VLHM Vocalist Live Harmony is an advanced vocal processor that allows singers to create stunning harmonies and effects with ease. With its intuitive interface and powerful processing capabilities, this device is perfect for performers who want to take their vocal sound to the next level.

The VLHM Vocalist Live Harmony features a range of advanced processing algorithms that analyze the singer's voice and create natural-sounding harmonies in real-time. The device allows the user to select from a range of preset harmonies or create their own custom harmonies using the intuitive controls.

The device also features a range of other effects, including reverb, delay, and modulation, which can be used to enhance the singer's sound and add depth and dimension to their performance. The VLHM Vocalist Live Harmony also always uses to create set lists, making it a usable tool for a performance.

The device's compact and durable design makes it easy to take on the road, while the bright red finish gives it a distinctive and eye-catching look. The device can be powered using external power supply (included).

Overall, the DigiTech VLHM Vocalist Live Harmony is a powerful and versatile vocal processor that is perfect for singers who want to create stunning harmonies and effects in real-time. With its advanced processing capabilities, intuitive controls, and compact design, this device is sure to become an essential tool for any vocalist looking to enhance their sound and performance.

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